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  1. Taste

    Update 0.1

    no u
  2. Taste

    Update 0.1

    We now have an updates section.
  3. Taste

    Catanai's Revival

    Glad to have you with us!
  4. Taste

    We are back!

    Hi, this is running as a side project currently, if you want to get the latest news please join the discord.
  5. Taste

    Xexani/Xexani jr.

  6. Taste

    Xexani/Xexani jr.

    As we regard this project as more of a re-release we also will reset any bans and mutes, however Staff members who remember you might be watching you a lot closer than other users.
  7. Taste

    Catanai Security Guide

    Very nice. I recommend everybody to activate 2FA on their accounts, both here and on "real" RS.
  8. Taste

    We are back!

    You are in the group "Members" not "Veterans". Edit: I see what was wrong, your secondary group was "Veterans" not your primary. Was this applied by Bart?
  9. Taste

    Another forum suggestion

    Thanks for the suggestion, I have added a link to the Wiki on the top of the page, however the Dark Theme does not by default show it, I will look into this.
  10. Taste


    Hulo, nice to see Catanai can change lifes.
  11. Taste

    Big announcement

  12. Taste


  13. Taste

    Vitality Clan

  14. Taste

    Veteran Group Promotion

    Paypal keeps records of any transactions made.
  15. Taste

    Veteran Group Promotion

    I have added a group called "Veterans", this group is meant for people who have supported Catanai before it went down. To be added to the group send me a message with proof of payment either on the forums or on discord.
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