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  1. Nacho

    Dark or light

    ^ this
  2. Nacho

    Your Catanai Memories

    Being the first in agility to get 99 in early acces (or alpha or whatever it was called :p) and my goal was to get 120 but the server went down when i reached 21m or 22m exp in agility. Saw a post on runeserver somewhere on an old catanai thread and started looking at the latest posts and saw it was coming back so here I am
  3. Nacho

    We are back!

    You're going to have to wait but soon though =) @Domka12345
  4. Nacho


    Welcome back =) so many people here that I still remember
  5. Nacho

    Veteran Group Promotion

    I actually still remember you, i did the same =)
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