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    [4/6/2019] Many, many bugfixes

    Today's update brings a lot of bugfixes and quality of life improvements to the game. Bug Fixes & Improvements Like last week no new content has been added to the game. A lot of content has been fixed or corrected though: Accuracy on dual-wielding has been corrected, and is now in line with two-handed accuracy. More combat improvements will follow in the future. Divination energy rifts now function accordingly, which makes divination trainable again. You can now switch items in your inventory. You can now drop items by dragging them from your inventory into the game world. Fixed certain banks in Canifis and Catherby. Fix the "Load layout" option in the options menu. Added "Load layout" and "Save layout" to the "Edit mode" menu, which allows you to save your layouts. Added the "Climb bottom floor" and "Climb top floor" options to the Lumbridge castle staircases. Fixed overhead icons for players. Overhead players should now be visible again. Aberrant spectres now attack with magic instead of melee, and deal damage according to how much damage they should deal. Barrows should now be more functional, with the HUD interface appearing in the crypts and the puzzle interface popping up like it should. The settings system has been re-done, which allows us to more easily implement settings in the future. Right now, certain looting and interface related settings have been added. You can now enable area looting, hide pesky interface headers and change transparency. You can no longer use the Home Teleport whilst in combat. Fairy rings have been fixed again. Fairy rings now also support the right-click "Choose destination" option. Not all fairy rings are added yet, if you come across any that do not work, please report which don't work! The slayer tower corner staircases now work, and the center staircases have been fixed. The requirement for pots and buckets in the Ectofuntus have been removed, and the shortcut has been added, which requires an agility level of 53. Better train agility now! Slayer tasks should now give slayer points, or I have accidently doubled slayer point gain. Or it's still broken in which case I am just really bad at this. As always, we're grateful for your feedback and we're glad to have you with us. All the best, The Catanai Team.
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    no u Revival is still in work, just got preoccupied with school a lot.
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    Update 0.1

    Let's use it soon
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    Catanai's Revival

    Thanks man You'll have to update your signature a bit though, 2013 - 2018
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    Catanai's Revival

    Hello everyone, I am happy to announce that we are working hard on bringing Catanai back. I am Techdaan, the new project leader & developer. I will be working hard on fixing Catanai and writing new content for the server in the future. Since Bart is busy with other projects he has little time to work on Catanai. He will help me out every now and then, but majority of the development will be done by me. Back in the good 'ol spawn Catanai days I used to hop on every now and then to check the server out, and watched it grow from a simple spawn server to a server with full EoC and several bosses. It hurt watching Catanai shut down, which is why I really want to get Catanai back on its feet and running. I am very glad I am able to continue Catanai, a project that's been offline for a few years now, and a project that some miss. While I will work very hard on getting content out, please bare with me - I am new to the project and need time to get used to Catanai's framework. Besides that, there are still things I have to learn. I will also be on vacation starting this Friday, for about two weeks. I will bring my laptop so that I can work on Catanai now and then though - we have to get this online. Before I decide to launch the open beta I want to have majority of the bugs fixed, as well as adding more mid-game content. We are also porting Catanai to the latest Runescape version (Revision 896). I want to stick to this revision until Catanai's more stable and bug-free. In the following weeks I will be working very hard with the QA team to work on fixing content, but also adding content to fill up the mid-game. During this period of time I will post developer logs whenever I feel like it's suitable. Thank you for reading this post. Let's bring Catanai back. Together. PS: Don't forget to join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/yAqgwC6 - Techdaan.
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    Last Letter Of The Word Game

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    Count to 1,000 using images

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