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Rules of Catanai

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The Rules of Catanai

These rules are to be followed at all times by all Staff Members, Donators, Extreme Donators and all other community members. No one is above the rules, not even Admins!

1. Offensive Language.
Please refrain from using offensive language on the forums and in-game. This includes: Swearing, bullying, discrimination against sex, religion, race or ethnicity, nationality, sexual preference. or spiritual beliefs. Comments made with the intent to hurt another member of this community is strictly forbidden, Catanai does not tolerate bullying.

  • This rule is enforced in the in-game Help Friends Chat.
  • This rule is enforced in regards to the ::yell command.

2. Personal Information/Hate Threads.
No personal information of any other member is allowed to be shared on the forum or in-game, even with their permission. They must post it themselves if they wish to share their contact details with the public. This rule applies to names, personal photos, instant messaging details, E-mails and aliases on other communities.

3. Excessive Spamming.
Posts that are not relevant to the topic or does not add anything beneficial to a discussion is discouraged. However with this rule we are lenient and allow joking and mild trolling, though if done in excess with the intention of increasing post count; posts will be removed/hidden and further action may be taken.

4. Advertising.
No posts or discussion of any other private server communities. This includes URLs to their websites and general mentioning. Any means to solely advertise another community or make money will not be tolerated.

5. Ingame Sales.
The only purchase of in-game objects permitted on this forum are the packages provided in our 
official store. These are available only on the Catanai store. Donations done on behalf of others as a form of gift is allowed, however the resale of shop packages by charging in-game currency to purchase a package for someone else is not. The trading of in-game Gold or your account in exchange for goods is strictly prohibited. Violation of this rule will result in account suspension, persistent violation of this rule will result in an IP-ban. 

6. Pornographic Content.
Media and content that contains pornographic content or inappropriate material is not to be shared in-game or posted on the forums at all. Posts depicting nudity, gore, sexual expression or anything that implies a sexual connotation will be deleted and may result in your account getting muted or suspended.

7. Malicious Content.
The sharing of malicious software that includes: Malware, Trojans or Viruses is not to be posted anywhere on the forum. This rule includes material depicting the intent to DDoS another member of our community, other communities and websites. Violating this will result in an IP Ban and further action may be taken as this is also a federal offense.

8. Client Links.
Catanai's client is not to be distributed anywhere on this community or on any other community or otherwise be published online without the direct permission from Catanai. The client is our property and legal action may be taken if distributed without prior consent.


9. Scamming.
Scamming other players is not acceptable here on Catanai, and by violating this rule will result in severe consequences to your account. Breaking this rule will result in your account being permanently banned from Catanai and a permanent suspension from the forums. Deceiving people counts towards this rule, so keep the prices within limits.
Note: You are responsible for any activity carried out on your Catanai account regardless whether or not it has been hacked. please keep your passwords safe, add an auth code and always ask for a PM during trades!

10. Macroing, Botting & the use of Automation Tools.
The use of software to automate the process of playing Catanai is not permitted at all. We are able to discover bots and auto-clickers with ease and punishments are quickly dealt out to those who violate this rule. Please use your brain and refrain from using any form of program to cheat. This also includes the programming of your mouse/keyboard to act like an auto-clicker and the use of keyboard hotkeys and will also counts as macroing.


11. Bug Abuse.
Abusing in-game bugs for your benefit or assisting others in any way without informing a staff member is not permitted. Deliberate abuse of a bug will result in your account or IP address being banned. The following are considered to be bug-abusing:

  • Safespotting monsters and bosses that you can't safespot on RS3.
  • Luring npc's (in buildings) to make them get stuck.
  • AFK combat training. Detailed information found in rule 13.

12. Evasion of Various Punishments.

Evading in-game or forum punishments such as mutes or bans will have a severe impact on your punishment as well as having dire consequences to your account. If you have been punished, you have done something wrong to earn disciplinary action toward your account.

13. AFK Combat Training.

AFKing non combat skills is fine, however in conjunction with rule 11 - being afk for combat is not permitted. This is partial to the fact that on RS3, monsters will become no longer agressive after a certain amount of time, and results in being automatically logged out. As this feature doesn't exist on Catanai yet it counts as bug abuse. Warnings will be delivered for those that are found to be in violation of this rule, a server kick will be delivered upon persistent violation of this rule and may even result in your account getting suspended. In certain situations.

14. Multilogging.

Having more than one client open is permitted, however you are limited to having a maximum of two clients open simultaneously. There is also a restriction, which is:

  • You are not allowed to join the same combat with both accounts.

15. Account creation.

Creating several accounts to trade over the starter pack, and creating accounts to the point where it is seen as spam by the staff is not allowed. Breaking this rule will lead to a ban of your account(s).

16. Real-World Item Trading.

Real-world trading is trading Catanai gp/items for real-world money or money/items from another game (this includes RS3). Doing so or trying to is strictly forbidden and will result in your account getting its bank wiped or permanently suspended.

Guidelines on how to avoid infractions.

  • Be nice, act in a mature way and be friendly. Nobody likes negative members!
  • Please use descriptive topic titles on the forums. Topics like "Help!", "Look", or "Error" are not acceptable and will be removed.
  • Have a good time, make friends and discover new things! That is what this community is all about.
  • Before posting familiarize yourself with the forums. Posts done in the correct forums will provide you with more timely replies.
  • Please avoid drama, we don't like it when things go wrong either. There's a report button you can use if you are unsure about a post. Do not "call out" other users - just report their post!
  • Do not attempt to mini-moderate. This is seen as both spam and abusive behavior. Simply report the offending post and we'll handle it.
  • Think before you post! If you're giving criticism try to be as constructive as possible and be respectful of others. Flaming and inciting drama will not be tolerated.
  • Topic bumping is not permitted! If you must reply to a topic you've already responded to, edit your last post. We WILL delete bumped topics!
  • Please don't advertise other sites wherever possible. Adding your own site to your signature is fine (please follow signature policy).
  • Please take a moment to search for a solution to your problem before posting a support topic!
  • Do NOT send unsolicited support requests to other users or Staff! Failure to comply may result in PM and/or account suspensions.

Thank you for reading!

The Catanai Team

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